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L — The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula LeGuin

I have decided to do an L for Urusula LeGuin, based on the book The Lathe of Heaven. Here are my notes from the book:

The quick plotline of the story is a man named George Orr finds that when he wakes up, reality has become whatever he has dreamt. He takes drugs to keep him from sleeping, which stops him from dreaming and changing reality, and eventually overdoses; he then must go to therapy with a man named Dr. Haber. Dr. Haber discovers that George Orr is telling the truth and has him dream during therapy sessions to be safe; Dr. Haber tries to change the world for the better through George's dreams, but George's mind interprets things literally. When Dr. Haber wants to get rid of racism, George wakes up to find that everyone's skin color is grey; for overpopulation, George dreams of The Plague that wipes out half the populations; etc.

The overall themes are that of
-the desire to control destiny, but no matter what we cannot control fate and we need to accept the things we cannot change. Striving for a perfect world will drive you mad.
-having balance in life, tranquility within—for every good there is a negative side. 
-power can drive one to be controlling and obsessive and eventually destroy a man

There are many realities in the novel. There is Taoist symbolism throughout.

These are by no means finished sketches. They are fairly quick and messy, and some probably look rather funny.

This sketch begins with a bone (death) and changes into nature (life) as you go up. I thought this represented the changing reality, wanting to change something bad into something good.

I like that this one has Taoist symbolism (yin and yang), but it reminds me of a sports logo and I don't like it. This one was obviously to represent that taoist themes throughout the novel and the balance between rebirthing and destruction, good and evil, balance, etc. I was at a loss for other ways to represent this and I know that this L does not properly represent the book.

This L (yes, the hands are not proportional at the moment), represents the desire to control reality, hands controlling the outcoming, the change. The change into something positive, life, nature, etc.

What direction do you think makes the most sense? Or should I try something completely different? 


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