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Kwame Adjaye PRAY

I wasn't happy after college. I studied a subject i had no interest in. The whole not combing, afro, bushy beard depressed package was me. I remember rolling in bed each night, not because i couldn't sleep but, mainly because i was thinking about where my life was heading. 

One day i got off my bed to talk to my mum about how she figured out what to do when she was my age.

She told me i should do what i love doing the most. That was easy i thought. It was designing. But, before i left her library that evening, she told me to always PRAY for direction. 

I did. 

I'm doing what i love now. 

I made the PRAY cap as a tribute to that conversation but, mainly to inspire the rest of the world to do the same. PRAY. PRAY in whatever situation you find yourself in. GOD listens and cares a lot. 

PRAY for each step you take. Each decision you make. PRAY. 

The process of making the cap was tideous but, it paid off ieventually. 

I designed the caps 7 times over and got the 8th one correct. 

It is currently sold out at the moment but, i'll be restocking in March.

( )

Thank you 


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