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Kunal Kapadia

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Kunal's Animalhutt Web App

Here is my basic app. I won't change to much unitl the last section for custimization.

GitHub: https://github.com/kunal04/omrails

Heroku: http://fast-spire-8873.herokuapp.com/

Update 11 April 2013

So i've decided that my app would be a place for pet and animal lovers to share their images, videos, blogs, review pet services and eventually be able to list animal for adoption.

Current features of the site

  • Sign up with facebook
  • display facebook profile pic using #tag from omniauth call back
  • user profile page
  • upload images including by url
  • like images
  • endless scrolling
  • Modal bootstrap display 

Still working on the commenting feature and will slowly integrate other features.

Atm you wont be able to login to the site using facebook because the FB app is directed to local development server and not heroku host. The feature does work though on localhost and will point to heroku in the next few days.

Update 14 April 2013

Add a couple features

  • Comments - users can now add comments (Thanks Clayton for the help)
  • Added a default avatar if user doesn't have a facebook login
  • added a few more fields for registering
  • added country picker
  • Styled pages to make it easy on the eye

still need to add the feature to allow users to add their own profile images if they don't use facebook login. And want to add the ability for users to select favourite images.

FB login still not activate on heroku yet.


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