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For this animal project I decided to focus on the Kudu. The Kudu is a significant part of South African wildlife... being South African and living in the US, I wanted to hone in on something I could engage with. The Kudu is distinctive in its appearance because of its horns.

I was facinated with the beautiful face and horns of this wild animal. Check out my mood board below:

I decided to focus on the face shape as this really branded the kudu from other antelopes.

These were my sketches:

I eventually played around with the face shape trying to hone in on the distinctive features:

This was my first draft:

Then I did my gridding - which was minimal but greatly helped with cleaning up the image:

This was my final result post gridding: 

I still wanted to push those features some more without adding too much detail and keeping it clean and minimal. this was my final result:

This was a draft post someone's feedback about making the ears more solid. I think it works better:


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