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Kuala Lumpur Funk

Kuala Lumpur just happens to be my neighbourhood at the moment.

When I try to describe it, a tired cliche "melting pot" comes to mind. But KL is exactly that - three nations, Malays, Chinese and Indians coexisting in equal rights, well, at least officially. This blend of cultures is rich and photogenic, with countless temptations for a street photographer on every turn.

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Chinese grandma doing the dishes right on the street. Observed by one of the Bodhisattvas from Chinese Buddishm pantheon and by some cats.

This homeless guy was using and umbrella instead of a blanket. It speaks volumes on how hot it is in KL even in night time. I love how the ubrella coresponds with the tent above his head. 

I'm staying in vibrant Chinatown. It's rich and it is simple, it's aromatic and funky, it's miserable and festive all at the same time.

Behind the scenes of a Chinese Dragon puppet

Chinese grandpa consuming his daily kopi (that's how they pronounce and spell coffee) and his Daily Star (official Malaysian tabloid).

This city is so diverse, you can find Indian shrines in Chinatown and one of the main Mosques (Malaysia is officially muslim) is just a few blocks away. I like how this group of tourists with ridiculous hats correspond with the colorful group of Hindu gods on the facade of the temple.

When I shoot, body language is more important than architecture or geometry, but when those two fall together and a story emerges, I'm the most satisfied and only for that brief moment start considering myself a true street photographer.

This guy looks so insecure despite his pressed white shirt. Better make the right flower choice, buddy!

Malay girl caught red handed snatching an orange from Chinese college gradutation buffet. (No-so) deep metaphor for friendly rivarly between the nations.

It was extremely difficult chosing only seven shots, it felt as if I was killing a short story with each rejected picture. I think that behind the scenes are sometimes more interesting than the finished piece, therefore I added 9 rejected shots as well. It is not cheating, just a glimpse into my process.

Thanks for the opportunity to share this.

All shots were taken with the iphone6 and edited in VSCO

You can follow me on instagram here instagram.com/kmasilionis/ I move around a lot, so my pictures shouldn't get dull any time soon. 


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