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Jesse Bregman




Krysis Clothing

Jesse Bregman

Lower Merion, Pennsylvania


Krysis / krísis / noun

1. The decision that determines the future

As the climax approaches a decision must be made.  Within each decision, a moment of confusion exists. Thoughts spiral in different directions distracting you from the right choice.  This unique, instantaneous moment, where the future is determined, is known as a Krysis.


For the next collection, I don't want to start off completely revolutionary.  Like Banksy and PIcasso say, "Good artists copy; Great artists steal."  Also, I feel as though people aren't comforatble with something revoultionary.  The skirt look may be doing great with Rick Owens and Balenciaga, but for the key demographic of streetware brands, people like fimiliar.  However, with in this small catagory, cretivity can be expressed.  Some of the best art I have seen are parodies or replications.  Andy Warhol painted Cambell's cans, Kaws started off paiting over ads that he stole, Shepard Fairey constantly resues fonts for his own shirts, I feel that logo parodies very powerful.  People see the original logo at first glance, and immediently after they begin to see the bigger picture.  My first collection works off of fimiliar ideas with my own twist in order to gain popularity.  When your brand begins to establish itself, then you can begin to revolutionize. 

The box logo revolutionized streetware, and by playing off of their hype, one can gain credibility.


The Krysis in my life lead to one major outcome.  Krysis Clothing.  Since its start in 2012, Krysis Clothing has slowly worked its way up in the ranks in suburban Philadelphia High-Schools.  The first design was released Labor-Day weekend of 2012.  Taking advantage of the Jersey Shore market as well as Made In America Music Festival (along with a few celebrity guests), the brand started out with a bang.

The inscription on the back reads "Krysis Clothing, 1st Edition".  And that is exactly what is, the first edition of something to come.  Something that will one day make a lasting impact.

That first run was a mere 30 shirts.  10 smalls, 10 mediums, and 10 larges.  Those shirts sold out imminently, and demand was high for another run.  For the next design, the goal was not to dip our toes into the water, as the first run was, the second run had to be bigger and bolder.  It had to catch the eye. Colors were bright and aplenty as Krysis Clothing released it's second shirt for the fall of 2012.



This shirt was a huge hit.  In order to fulfill requests I made 25 of each size shirt.  With the design, Krysis began to expand.  Quickly the brand branched from 1 small high school to a handful within the area.  This greatly helped me expand popularity.  Soon demand started for stickers, which I printed and cut by hand.  As I walked around train stations or Wawa’s (markets on the east coast) I would see my stickers posted up by devout customers.  This brought me just as much pride as seeing someone wearing my shirt brought.  Then I would go to concerts and i could  meet people I didn't know with a shirt that I designed gave me an amazing feeling.  Also, there is that small amount of anonymity associated with a brand that is small.  People wear the shirt when they buy it from their friends, not necessarily from me.  These customers didn't know that I was the one designing the shirt.  The fact that I can walk up to someone and talk to them about the shirt that they were wearing without them knowing that I designed it allowed for a critical feedback that I had never experienced before.  They were blunt with their responses, they didn't have the urge to lie to me to make me feel good, some were brutally honest, but regardless all reviews improved the future of the brand.

This design, my "box logo" on a grey shirt was the latest. I decided to begin the diversity of the brand by using both tank tops and t-shirts.  I thought "why not?  It's beach season."  The faster the tank tops sold, the faster farmers tans disappeared.  Krysis is beginning to turn from some t-shirts thrown together to a well-developed organized brand with S/S and F/W lines.  

As the brand further develops more designs keep coming to mind.   Logo parodies are yet to come, but an official logo has been finalized which can be used in infinite ways, anywhere from a repeating pattern (like the rainbow above) to a negative color block.  The possibilities are endless.  Below I will put some design that I hope to put on clothing in the near future.  Right now the only limit is supplies.  As soon as I get a quality screen-printing studio set up, designs, shirts and other pieces of clothing will start pouring out.  I see a bright future for this budding brand ready to take on the world.





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