Description: This project is still in the extremely early stages. Krtiq keeps track of your Video Game Library by keeping tack of whom you lent a game to, what you own, what you have played, and sharing that with your friends.

I don't not have a logo yet, but here is the launchrock.

Aquisition Strategy

The best Aquisition strategy for my product is explicit invites. The product does not work unless you have friends using it.

In addition to the explicit invites, SEO and PR will be the other two strategy initiated. The way I plan to funnel users are:

1. Explicit: When a user signs up for Krtiq, it will ask them to find their friends from other social services such as Twitter and Facebook. After connecting with their existing friends on Krtiq will then give them the option ton invite more.

2. SEO: One of the most common searches on Google is the name of a video game followed by reviews. For example, "Bioshock Infinite reviews". When are user adds a game to his or her library, click on that the game will bring them to a Game Page. The page will curate reviews, videos, trailers and other information about that particular game. My hope is since the page will curate reviews from professional critics as well as users, it will help people find reviews on that game when searching Google.

3. PR: I plan on using a PR agent I have used in the past with some nice success. I also plan on creating info graphics on users statics and unique information about how that game is being talked about online.

4. Email: I have a database from my last venture, another video game website. When the site launches I am email the thousands of gamers that used my last site about this new one.