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Kristy Marsh Osborne

1/24/16 - Completed HTML coding for five linked pages and uploaded to my server. We are live! Table, Form, and Iframe added. Still much design work to do but I'm moving forward. "Celebrate any progress. Don't wait to get perfect."

2/3/16 - Added audio and meta data. Also included some semantics for header, footer, figure, etc. Everything works properly in browsers I checked: Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari. When I ran code through the validator site, I got an error on the "hgroup" tags. Error said these tags are obsolete. So I removed them, leaving just the header tags and now no errors!

2/15/16 - Created my css file and styled some text.Took me a few days to get it right. What I learned: the css link in the index.html file is case sensitive. It worked locally on my computer but when I transferred it via Filezille, I had to change the css folder on my server from "CSS" to "css". Then it worked on the live version. Still having trouble resolving a issue with pseudo class selectors but its a minor problem, so.... onward and upward!


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