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Kristin Thornton

Living, Laughing and Loving Life!



Kristin Thornton's Doodle

Oh I had so much fun with this!


Glad you came to see my very first coloring page!
I'm a 26 year old Maine artist living with Late Stage Neurological Lyme disease, Bartonella, Babesia and CIDP. I was a tattoo artist before I became to sick to work. Now I focus on being the healthiest version of me I can be. Doodling is meditative and good for the soul.

I've been doodling for a while, but I didn't understand how to clean up my work in illustrator. To see more work please visit my artist page on facebook Kristin Thornton Art. If you're on instagram, find me @kristinthorntonart. I love connecting with others so if you enjoy my work I'd love to hear from you! And please post pics of you're finished coloring page. I'd love to see them!



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