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Irene Cruz

Publicist - Art Director




Hi, it is the first time in many time that I used a pencil and paper, I tried to do sort of a naif feeling illustration, that´s why I choose a powerful kraken to blow water bubbles. I worked with watercolor brushes and paper, and some ink that I found on the box of my husband´s college supplies.

This is the final inked draw, then I scanned and applied color on illustrator.

I suppose that looks more like an octopus than a kraken, but I still like it. I will try to get Dr. Martins ink, the ink that I used on this proyect is the type that you can dissolve on water, I supose that matters on the final color of the ink.

Also, I look into my college draw materials and found a japanese brush and sumi inks that someone brougth to my father from japan, I supose I will need a suzuri to give it a proper use.

I don´t know what is the meaning of this writing on the ink, or if the images have a special meaning. The brush is old, I don´t know if this is the original form of this brush or if it is deformed by time. I will try it anyway.


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