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Krak Baby Re-focused

Krak Baby is a streetwear brand I started out of Cairo, Egypt.

The advantage here is that there is no one else really doing streetwear here at all.

The disadvantage is that there is no one doing streetwear here which means educating the target audience is a challenge, everyone here is caught up with high end designer brands and don't appreciate locally made, small brands.

Krak Baby started last year and while growth has been promising, it is still slow and I was feeling the brand is getting stagnant in its designs, hence the reason why I enrolled in this course. Neither me nor my partner are designers or have any fashion background, we are simply fans of the johnny cupcakes, hundreds, diamond supply, obey, etc.

Below is a collage of some of the t-shirts dropped in our first 2 collections along with what the brand's themes are:

And this here is what our packaging looks like, this is a strong point for us and has been received well. The packaging along with the brand name has received some very positive attention:

I am now looking to re-focus my brand by clearly defining its theme, personality and character.


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