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Katie Mueller

Graphic designer + branding professional



Kosmos Astrology business card + eclipse tables


The goal for this card was to create a memorable business card that clients would hold onto for years. The main feature to make the card utilitarian was to add the list of solar and lunar eclipses for 2016-18. This way clients could follow along with how each eclipse triggered their own astrology chart, and how this could manifest in their lives. 

My main inspiration for making a functional business card was a "cheese grater" business card I found on Pinterest:


One of my favorite business cards on JukeboxPrint.com was the bread-shaped card for the San Fran Bakery Co. 


I thought it would be a great idea to mimic the night sky as the background for my cards. I was also inspired by Jukebox's Pearl Coated paper in order to amp up the quality of a "starry night" background.


I loved Jon's examples of one side of the card being a dark color with a reversed logo while the other side is light for that extra bit of contrast. The white on the light side of the card would allow the Pearl coated paper to shimmer through. 

In terms of design strategy, I took the graphic I created for the website (under construction), and planned out the front side with designing around the eclipse tables. My main goal was to offer quality information that the client would pull out of their wallet several times a year.

Thank you Jon and Jukebox Print!!



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