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Korea Afica

A girl looking to explore the world>>>>>Korea

From the Hot city  to the very cold weather and the beginning of everythingit was the trip never to be forgotten.I had to adapt or go hungy

everythng was done differently from greeting

to sitting

I must say it took me a while to get use to the system.My biggest challenge was the language and getting use of the chopsticks while evrybody around me look like they were born holding those two sticks.

They say all countries have it's' Pros and Cons,the weather was getting a little bit warm"no more layers of clothes"

it was sunny after been here for almost 2months,It was one of the things I missed"sun"........all in all im enjoying Korea and its beautiful citiesSeoul Tower at night

I have made the best decision with all the good people I have met and made friends with it just makes Korea more beautiful

The journey goes on!!!!!


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