Kontaktly - student project

Kontaktly is an idea I came up with and created a web version of at http://kontaktly.herokuapp.com


Our lives are hectic and keeping in touch with everyone is hard.

When's the last time you talked to your mom? Or your aunt Joan? Or that awesome person you met at that conference? Or a business partner or client?

Despite our best intentions, keeping track of all these relationships is no trivial task.

Kontakly is a simple reminder app that tells you when you're overdue for contact. 

How it Works:

1. Create a contact and specify the frequency you'd like to stay in touch
You can also add contextual information about how you met and a photo

2. Check In to this person when you have a meaningful interaction with them (ie; in person, phone call, skype, etc... ). Check in creates a timestamp and lets you add extra info like the location and topic(s) of conversation [note: maybe just uses tags?]

3. Get Notifiactions when you're overdue for an interaction. Act on it by calling or making an appt with the person, or snooze it for later.

Use Case 1: Reminder - Stay in touch with Family

I want to make sure I talk to my sister at least once per month. In Kontaktly, I create a contact, add her to the family group, and set the frequency I'd like to be in touch. 

Using my call log, text messages, emails, and foursquare checkins, Kontaktly will automatically log an encounter with this person. If the last encounter is more than a month ago, I'll get a reminder that it's time to reach out!

Kontaktly - image 1 - student project

Use Case 2: Check In - Chance Encounter

You go to a conference and run into that awesome person you met last year. You talk about Game of Thrones and Mad Men and your puppies, remember why you intended to keep in touch with them in the first place, and then apologetically commit to reaching out after the week because you have so much in common you should totally be friends.

So you check in to the person, set the frequency of interaction to quarterly, log this interaction, and if you don't remember to reach out, let Kontaktly remind you of their awesomeness.

Kontaktly - image 2 - student project


Kontaktly is an idea I came up with and created a web version of at http://kontaktly.herokuapp.com

A website isn't a great interface for this kind of app, and the adoption was low. I'm learning how to make this into an iPhone app because this type of utility is best handled through your mobile device.

To Do:

  • Create Users
  • Import users (facebook connect, import address book)
  • Push data to a web service DB
  • Send email reminders and recaps at the end of each week or month
  • Upload photos
  • Geolocate the user when they check in
  • Figure out how to use your call and text log, foursquare and facebook checkin's, and manual check ins to log encounters and reminds you when it's been too long.
Miguel Senquiz

Co-founder at Drip.com