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Kollar Clothing Co.

High End Street Wear For Men ( Innovative Tailoring, Quality Craftsmanship )

Kollar Clothing Company.
Slogan: The Black Sheep Of Garments
Website: www.kollarclothing.com

Beliefs +

Kollar Clothing is an art form rather than piece of cloth that is worn. Most of our time is spent on perfecting the fit and the construction of the garments. Each piece is made for the bold individual, to create a unique garment with details only a good eye can catch. Applying geometric shapes in witty ways to the garments that will incorporate with the male figures. Kollar's appeal lies within its simplicity. Simple rules and a basic set of folding maneuvers which lies in precision and discipline.

We seperate ourselves by glorifying the unconventional inner side of the fabric which creates more of a vintage organic feel to the piece. We strive off of mistakes on garments and create apparel that is abnormal to the human eye but is still ravishing to be worn on the human body. Kollar Clothing only distributes the garments to handpicked boutiques with a strong sense of lifestyle, to keep the richness of the brand alive.

Story Behind Kollar Clothing Designer +

Founded in 2011, Kollar Clothing separates themselves from the ordinary with an uncompromising attention to detail which is seen through their products timeless fit, design and fabric selections. Kollar Clothing’s goal is to utilize fashion as an art form to create garments that exceed traditional rules and boundaries. Kollar Clothing accents bold individuals with handpicked fabrics and unmatched construction.

The story behind David Kollar and his brand is a quite interesting one which will be explained in the following sentences. Kollar’s mother was a seamstress that immigrated from Slovakia to Canada and as a kid he watched her meticulously sew to support their family.  At seventeen he ventured into clothing design and started a t-shirt company but wanted much more than t-shirts could offer. He was dead set on pushing the boundaries and finding a way to fulfill his dream which was to create a full clothing line. Following the t-shirt company he ironically used Google to research how to create this large scale company. Self taught with a cache of personal experience he then created the cut and sew brand which is now known as Kollar Clothing.

Kollar Clothing has sponsored the Toronto native DVBBS who have been on an international tour for the last couple months. Recently, DVBBS released a song with Universal records and have worked with other major labels in the past. As well, Kollar Clothing styled Frank Anthony (who has a new song with Kendrick Lamar) for an upcoming televised B.E.T event. Most recently, BlogTO rated Kollar as one of the top 5 start up brands in Toronto.

The latest collection Kollar Clothing has released is the Spring/Summer '13 entitled "Calm before the Storm." This collection offers a variety of long/short sleeved button ups, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, jeans and jewelry. The fabric choices and their applications are pleasantly different than other brands in the market. For instance, on the Kvetina Shirt the floral print is inverted giving a new look to the widely popular design. As well, the collection incorporates various floral, corduroy andpaisley patterns into their designs.

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1275 a Queen W, ( Community 54 ) - Toronto

279 Augusta Avenue ( Model Citizen ) - Toronto

926 President Street ( Veer NYC ) - Brooklyn NYC

498 Queen St West ( Proper Reserve ) - Toronto

761 Pape Ave ( BLK Out) - Toronto

1282 Wellington St W  ( Slaysh ) - Ottawa

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