Kokeshi Kitties

Kokeshi Kitties - student project

I like the simplicity of Kokeshi Dolls and cats so I decided to combine the two for this pattern.

Kokeshi Kitties - image 1 - student project

These are the original paintings of my kokeshi kitties.

Kokeshi Kitties - image 2 - student project

This is how they turned out after Image Trace in Illustrator CC.

Kokeshi Kitties - image 3 - student project

For my first pattern I created them in rows and added watercolor doodles using the watercolor brushes in Illustrator.  I can't decide if I like the pink background or the teal better.

Kokeshi Kitties - image 4 - student project

Kokeshi Kitties - image 5 - student project

Then I created a tossed pattern with the dolls going in different directions.  It's purrfect (i couldnt resist the pun) for quilting fabric.

Kokeshi Kitties - image 6 - student project

I really, really enjoyed this method.  Sometimes Image Trace doesnt do watercolor justice but if the images are small and simple it keeps the watercolor look and feel.

Lynda M. Metcalf