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Kocaine Karolina

Hi I'm Sara.

Based in Charleston, South Carolina.

I'm using Elle King's Kocaine Karolina for this set. 

From the beginning of my Instagram, I would normally attach a song as a location for the image back when you could create custom locations. I attribute alot of my editing to the music I play during.

I wanted to break my set down by putting lyrics alongside the images I believe fits bets. 

The vintage feel and folk vibe you get pulled out my choice for deep colors with an increased grain effect.


"Kocaine Karolina down to your bone

Don't waste away until you're gone"


"Everymorning you wake up alone just the same"


"Easy day will come,

When you rest your heavy soul"


"Poke your skinny spirit to keep a man
Whats left of your flesh slipped from his hand
Lonely looking eyes have done you wrong
Don't waste a way until your gone"


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