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Kelsey Britt

rude and silly



Koala Therapy

Working through the resentment of resembling a koala by making comics about it.

Here's my first assignment:

Some sketches I did on paper to find my character (I also was working on an animal version of my boyfriend):

I was playing with a few aspects here, but primarily the thing that seems to be changing the most is the silhouette of the character. Not sure if I should go with the more short and squat rounded shapes, or if the more bell-shaped body mirrored with the bell shaped head is better. Also torn between giving my character a neck or not. My primary focus is trying to come up with a design that can be rendered in a few brief strokes. Hope I'm doing this right! ////

Going ahead and uploading a tentative model sheet. If I get feedback I am happy to adjust!


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