Koala Quarantine Guide

Koala Quarantine Guide - student project

koala guide for quarantine , if you are working from home , here is some tips when you take a break

1.Mindful Mediation: helps with releasing anxiety ,leveling up focusKoala Quarantine Guide - image 1 - student project2.Yoga : helps with body-mind flexibility
Koala Quarantine Guide - image 2 - student project

3.Nap : close eyes gently and take a nap.


Koala Quarantine Guide - image 3 - student project

4.Read your Favorite Book: with nice hot cup of coffee , always inspiration opens it's doors for you to dive in.

Koala Quarantine Guide - image 4 - student project


5. Add Simple Sweet Detail To Your WorkPlace: it keeps your brain up to do more inspiring phenomenal art.

Koala Quarantine Guide - image 5 - student project

6.Open Your Window: let sun comes in so you have anew horizon for inspiration.


Koala Quarantine Guide - image 6 - student projectand you can Listen To music ,Taking a Bath
possibilities are endless , make sure to keep what you looking for in mind always.

i was playing with styles and colors don't know what to do , all i know that i love art and i wished someday i can draw something simple like this , this style is alwys becomes very attractive for me , and here comes that day , thank you teacher Tom!


Areej Aesthetics
Upwork Certified Illustrator