Knowledge - student project

Loved this class, thank you!. My inspirational photo was of Katie Holmes carrying books - (the inspirational part was around my love of learning and knowledge and also fashion). My concept was "knowledge will get you power but character will get you respect" (I think that's a bruce lee quote.) The shading on the hand drawing didn't go so well. Next time I will use different paper and a different pencil, and spend more time on it. For textures I used a combination of things - a floral pattern for the dress, a weave pattern for the bag, a stamp that I had made, and old book cover and then I added some splatters etc.  

If you have any feedback on how to improve this piece let me know  (no matter how small.) I really value getting specifics on what can be done to improve upon something. I am new to drawing so really eager to learn. Knowledge - image 1 - student projectKnowledge - image 2 - student projectKnowledge - image 3 - student projectThank you.