Know your audience!

Know your audience! - student project

I believe you have to understand who you're talking to in order to communicate and connect with them effectively. The more you know and understand about your audience the more empowered you are to make business decisions that will be perceived positively by them. And, if you're confident about who your audience is, you can focus on them – you don't have to worry about what other people will think. Connect with your audience and you will build meaningful, lasting relationships that will help your business succeed. 

Just think about how empowering it is to your business if you know:

where your audience is

what they like

what they don't like

when they are open to conversation/advertising/influence

what apps they use

their style preferences

their disposable income

their expectations of product quality, appearance, longevity, etc.


This list could go on and on.

Rachel Hahn
Create / Communicate / Brand