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Know Your Rights!

Problem Statement:

Throughout my life I’ve witnessed countless examples of Americans being victimized by their own ignorance of the legal system. Whether it’s while being stopped for a simple traffic ticket, or facing a charge for a violent crime, many Americans do not know about the legal ramifications of their actions and the treatment that they are entitled to.


Including a curriculum that explains an American’s legal rights, how the American legal system works and what resources are available, as a supplement to the American school system’s core curriculum will result in informed adult citizens that are empowered to make better life choices.


-       People 18 years of age and under will be interested in learning about the legal system as it may relate to their lives.

-       Parents and educators will be interested in educating their children and students about the legal system.

-       Educators would agree to allow lawyers and law enforcement officers to visit students in their school’s classes to deliver legal based instruction. (Riskiest Assumption)


Distribute a questionnaire and conduct interviews with students 18 and under, parents, and educators. (Survey Monkey/Google Forms)

Success Criteria:

60% of students would want to be educated about their rights and the legal system.


60% of parents and educators would want their children and students to be educated about their rights and the legal system.


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