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Know Before You GO - Hurricane Travel Guide

My project is simply about knowing which states are the most likely to get hit by a hurricane, the severity of those storms, and what dates to watch out for...

I will have more as I compile the data, but the story and point should come across instantly that you need to avoid Florida, Texas, and Luisiana. 

I am going to be using Illustrator and Keynote for my project. So, think of these as being slides rather than a large scrolling image.

More to come...

Version 2 (Updated 1/28)

Lots of updates here, and you can see most of the progression if you see the first update. Biggest items are:

  • Got rid of all my excess notes to clean things up a little
  • Hurricane Season is more clear
  • Hurricane recipe will be an animation that shows what the optimal conditions are
  • US map was updated to better allow percentages to be shown
  • Hurricane icon was incorporated into the categories to dispell the differences
  • New calendar graphic has been put together to show the most common occurances
  • New graph to show when severe and non-severe hurricanes occure 

Really need to flesh the main graphics right now though. I would love your opinions, ideas, and perspectives and how to best communicate this message.

UPDATE 1/21: Alright, I figured I would upload all the data and tables that I have created to share with everyone so that they can see or reference data points in feedback, but also for their own use (Naya G., you have been great help with sharing your ideas on the data. Thanks!)

My goal is to keep my project tight and simple. Basic icons with a nice typography and color palette actually go a long way (and also makes up for my lack of illustration skills).

Here is the story I am trying to tell (and I still have a lot of work to do):

  • Know where hurricanes happen the most in the US
  • What creates a hurricane
  • What are the levels of hurricane strength
  • What states get hit the most
  • When to plan your trip around the hurricane season
  • When are the most severe storms hitting the US (historically)

Love to hear your feedback and comments though, specifically how to tell this story best and how to portrait the calendar...



Version 1


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