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Hi Everyone, 

I'm exited to finally start this project, and hopefully taking this class will  help me get me unstuck on some issues. This is what I have so far. 

My subjects are about 6" (10 centimeters)  knotties and their interaction in the human and animal world.    Except for their hair, which is easily mistaken for dust-bunnies,  they are completely invisible to humans and animals alike.  Only the animals can hear and smell theyr presence, and love them  because of their  playfulness and loving attention to them, house pets included.

The one thing about knotties is that they  become experts at is the art of making knots with all types of materials including human or animal hair. 

By the age of 6, knotties are farmed out in groups of two to live with humans, a sort of education to help them prepare for the "real" world of their parents.  One of the ways the knotties avoid detection with the humans or in nature is by wearing clothes spunn and knotted with spider silk which easily blends anywhere.  A grouping of knottiest is called a cluster, much  like a school of fish or a flock of gees.  A cluster is under the care of 2 older elders: Grampknotts and Gramknotts.

  At the age of 11 or so, knotties rejoin their parents and other knotters to live in knotting comunities that are spread allover the world. Their knotting skills help all types of animals in the wild as well as in the urban settings by strengthening their nests, or even babysit their youngs, 

Here are some sketches that I have worked on in the last months. 

This is Emma, and a crown that she has grown too attached to

My challenge are:  

  1. I like the brush that I'm using for this project ( from AskEtch app) , how can I make this work with the assignemts? In "cleaning" the illustrations, I might loose  the looseness of the design?
  2.  how to differentiate their clothing since they all made from the same material, and must be void any ornamentations that would add to a chance to be detected?
  3. I have a terrible time making hands, and would love any suggestions or any links links for me to learn from.

Any type of suggestion is much appreciated.

Anne Fraker

My Project

The head turnaround was hard.  The manga technique of starting with a sphere and adding features was new to me, and I understand how this insures  a quick likness to your character.  

My first try was no very sucessful with the boy's image.

Once I understood his features, I tried again as a sketch.  This illustration is one of Emma's younger brothers, Jack. 

The next illustration is Emma with a hoody hiding the crown that she glued on her head, which will be permanent  in the rest of the stories untill if finally falls off.

For the hoody, I've decided to give it volume but also show spider silk threads.

Still working on those turnarounds

Still try to figure out those turnaround.  I'll get back to the girl's turnaround, but wanted to focus my attention on the third character, Mickey.

Hi's the yougest of the siblings and much more seroius/ deeper than his brother Jack.

Here are my initial drawing of him so far.

I'm not sure about his jawbone in the second and third drawing, I also feel that his neck is a little off.

Had a quiet day yesterday so I had time to flesh out my little Mickey character. 

This morning I wanted to experiment with expression and colors. 

Comparing this character to the other boy (Jack) character, I feel that I need to re-do Jack's feature in the same style as this character, Mickey. 


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