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Knothole Cave

So here are a few images of my project.   I'm not sure if I'm going to work on it any more so the last image might be the final.  I would have posted my thumbnails but I accidentally deleted them, not that most of them were any good lol.

Edit:  I should probably post my references for this one.  I used a couple pictures of knotholes in some old boards for my micro element.

Here's my initial color thumbnail.  It started out as just another black and white thumbnail but I liked it enough to break it up and colorize parts of it.

Here's what I had after the initial painting phase. I was drawing in a dark room so I think I had the darks way to dark because of that.  (I did added my sky and knothole texture in a little early.)

and here's the final image.  Like I said I might go back in and clean a few things up and maybe add some more textures to small areas, but I'm not sure.

I went back and edited the sky, tweaked the edges of the foreground cave, and messed around with the highlights a little.  I'm much happier with it now.


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