Knot Just Dreads

Updated February 3, 2013. FInal project: Doug Smith

Doug Smith

This is my first Skillshare class. I'm a hairstylist and I specialize in dreadlocks. I'm an artist but I'm not a photographer. I see colour, line and composition all around me. 

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of personal experience with taking photographs of people. I have a dear friend who is a professional photographer. Not so long ago, we collaborated on 50 photoshoots over a span of 10 weeks. They were all photos of my dread clients. I did all the hair, most of the art directing and he took the shots. But now I really want to hold the camera because I think that there's nothing more personal than the connection between the lens of a camera and what it sees.

These are a few photos I took in Iceland.I took this at a place called Jökullsálon, or the Glacier lagoon.

These photos I took in Portugal

Here are a couple of examples of my hair work. Photos by Ron Boudreau.

And here are some examples of the kind of portaiture I like:

Styling/hair by Michael Hall. Copyright: Richard Warren - NY

Photography by: bjdejong 


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