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Knosey - The Food Smelling App

Updated: (5.21.14) Developed a stylized approach to things after client accepted logomark refinement. The type used in this set is friendly yet bold alothough complementing with its contrast. Still stuck on a bit of the coloring. Played around a bit with making some illustrative icons, etc... Maybe a lighter green to give the (CTA) Call-To-Action more visual prominensce. Thoughts? 



This was a cool idea that a client presented as a challenge to create called the Knosey Mobile App Project. Simply put: Its a mobile app that lets you smell the food/cusine around you and lets you discover what establishments are near. Following the creative brief and branding tools, here is my process: 

A. MOOD BOARD  Giving the tone and feel of the project. 

B. LOGOS Logomark samples are attached with the concept direction included. 




Knosey is a cutting edge mobile app that uses sensory technologies allowing your mobile device to sense and detect foods near you. Combined with a GPS locator, Knosey can point you to nearby restaurants allowing you to taste the experience that is being deciphered through your mobile device.


To create a brand identity that illustrate new aged sensing technologies while connecting with the city’s hip dining experience. 


City dwellers and local foodie aficionados, who want to experience food on the go [men & women age 18-35]. Festival attendees, pedestrians and travelers can use the technology to find the hidden gems of the dining and food world. 


Smell. Discover. Eat

Trying to taking the food discovery experience to a different level. Would love to bring the experience full circle using the new technologies on the go. 


Other mobile apps that let you find food/restaurants in the nearby area. 

OpenTable, Grubhub, etc… Most are location/GPS based rather than using the sensing technology coupled with your location. 


That fact that this is new technology being embraced by the early adopters provides a clear sense of connection to food lovers around the world. By using mobile to enhance the on-to-go experience, you can use it no matter where you are located. 


Neutral, warm tones, earth tones, hip dining, outing, city goers, tourist, pedestrians, etc… 

Must visually scale well on web, print ads, signage, etc…


City-Inspired, Hip, Friendly, Welcoming, Modern, Free-Spirited, Natural (earthy, ingredients, etc…)

Any and all feedback is welcomed! Help me select a logomark. 


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