Knomes Who Roam

Knomes Who Roam - student project

Silly phrase about knomes— who doesn't love knomes?! Trying to figure out how to balance out the swashes. Not sure if I should do something with the end of the 'm"? I also am playing with a swash coming out of the 'n' in knomes possibly. I might figure this out digitally. Feedback would be super helpful and appreciated.

Knomes Who Roam - image 1 - student project

Updated sketch: before going into the thick and thins, which i actually like on its own as a separate version:I want to still work on the end of the bottom swash and the end of the top swash/ornament

Knomes Who Roam - image 2 - student project

New update: This is where I am with my next iteration, still some curves to work out. I did not like the width tool in illustrator! so many quirks! I ended up going back in and drawing all the curves over to be full fills. 

Knomes Who Roam - image 3 - student project

Knomes Who Roam - image 4 - student project

New version with swash refine/update. STILL more work to do on the flourishes to refine the curves— evening out line weights and smoothing curves. Sigh. 

Knomes Who Roam - image 5 - student project

Ann Benoit

Designer, screen printer, paper typographer