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Knock Knock Maternity

When I was pregnant with my first child last winter, I was incredibly frustrated by the maternity clothing industry. Every item was overpriced, poorly made, and hardly ever something I would wear without the huge belly. On top of that, maternity sections of stores were usually just one or two racks in the middle of a sea of pastel baby clothes. It made me feel like my worth was only in my ability to carry a child, and no one cared if I felt smart or sexy or like an individual anymore.

I stumbled upon a consignment store in NYC that specializes in children's clothing but also had maternity-wear. It was still just a small section of the shop's square footage, and the same clothes I could find at the mall, but the prices were REASONABLE for once. I got the idea to start a maternity-only consignment boutique.

My business has two facets: retail and blog. The retail side will provide like-new maternity and nursing clothing via an online shop, and eventually I'd like to expand into maternity clothing design and a brick-and-mortar location. The blog shows women how to translate current styles to fit their current state, instead of the usual maternity fashion blog method of making the focus of every outfit The Belly.

I came up with the name "Knock Knock Maternity" when I was telling my friends about the idea. I liked the slightly tongue-in-cheek nature and thought it would be easy for clients to remember. Now I'm working on branding so I can figure out what kind of face to present to the world, and take the website live.

My business is named: Knock Knock Maternity

Slogan: Women are sexy (all the time)


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