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Knitting A Scarf

My name is Dylan. I am an experienced Loom Knitter actually (I know, I know, it's cheating) which is part of why I wanted to learn to knit with needles. Plus, loom knitting does have quite a few limitations.

*for some reason it won't let me upload pictures*

I went with 6.5 mm needles. The brand is Clover I think? They were in a green package, says "Bamboo Knitting Needles". I found them at Michaels for fairly cheap. The other wood ones they had for sale were around $20.

I picked 3 skeins of Patons ColorWul. Also from Michales. Their website is I picked the "Creek" color scheme, which you can't see is really colorful. Lots of colors, like someone threw up skittles.

I've got about 3 rows right now, hoping to work on this some more tonight and tomorrow after I get home from work. I will keep everyone posted. Hoping that next time it actually lets me upload a picture. Or 2.

-Dylan    (11/17/14)


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