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Knitting 101 - Just in time for winter!

My name is Amanda and I am from the Virginia Beach area. My grandma originally taught me how to knit when I was in middle school. I only ever knitted squares which were supposed to be sewn together to make a blanket. It's been so long that I have forgotten much of the basics but would love to get back into it and become a skilled knitter! There are so many cute knitting projects on pinterest that I would LOVE to conquer so I came across this class at the perfect time!

I ended up purchasing 8mm Bamboo needles and chose a lovely bulky weight 100% acrylic yarn that was on sale, figured it would be a good start for my first project.


Knitting Progress:
So I'm halfway through my second ball of yarn and I'm getting good length to my scarf. I ended up casting on 26 stitches so it's pretty wide and going to be so warm and cozy. After seeing mine, my husband wants me to knit him one too!

I've only run into two issues so far:

There have been two or three spots where I accidently started with a "knit" instead of transferring the stitch and I didn't realize it until I was quite a ways farther. So I'm trying to be consisten each time with transferring that first stitch to avoid messing up my pattern.

Difficulty hiding my ends after joining two balls. I was able to join them pretty easily after watching the video that Davina shared, but how do I get the little fuzzy ends completely hidden?

Finished Scarf:

I completed my scarf using two balls of yarn. I like it a little on the shorter side so I can bunch it around my neck and tuck the ends into my coat without too much hanging down. I decided against putting fringe since I usually tuck then ends in anyway. I really enjoyed this project and am actually starting a second scarf for my husband. I plan on making his longer and practicing adding fringe. So I will add pictures of that one as well. Stay tuned!


I finished my second scarf!

I finished my husband's scarf! I did much better with this second one. I didn't drop any stitches and I remembered to slip the first stitch every time. I also practiced adding the fringe which I am so happy with. With two scarves done it's time to move on to more knitting projects. Thanks Davina for the awesome course! 


Feel free to comment and let me know what you think!


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