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Knit In Public Day Trail Poster

Thanks to Steph Marshall, the tutor who helped move this poster forward, it will soon be unleashed on the public.The poster will draw awareness to a real event - Worldwide Knit In Public Day 2016, which falls on the 18th June and is something I am involved in, along with collaborators at Remade In Brighton who host the trail event with our local Knitting Bug group members.

I'm happy with the outcome. The clear instructions from Steph's class were really helpful. I grabbled an A4 drawing pad and marked out the outline I needed as a starting point:


I worked the map within a small localised area, using just a few landmark points to illustrate the trail.

I took some pictures of the places I wanted to illustrate. The Tempest Inn, the Pavillion Gardens Cafe, etc.

I used the window as a lightbox to trace my drawngs into the map shape:


Using the widow as a lightbox worked well. I did the the same for the other points of interest on my map and then things looked like this:


I was then ready to scan this template to Gimp2 (instead of Photoshop) and start filling in with colour and further details. Gimp2 was handy to add extra flourishes and after feeling happy with the overall composition and colour palette I added the personal details and my group logo to the poster:


Here is my finished poster - ready to help spread the word about this years Knitting In Public Day, maybe you fancy holding your own community group event on June 18th? Only 22 days to go ! It's the largest run knitter event in the world run by volunteers :) :) x

Here's the info you might need to take part:


Thanks !

Fi x



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