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Knee deep in inspiration

I've found myself missing little parts of the holidays that I use to spend in the forest looking for the perfect Christmas tree, or with good friends around a bonfire as the temperatures bring frost in for the evening. I think everyone gets pulled into a sense of routine and soon we forget how nice it was to sit in the kitchen with our mother as she pulled the turkey out for Thanksgiving long as we have a paycheck everything will be fine and so we find ourselves at our jobs on sacred, once family days.


I'm hoping to bring more of a sense of wonder back into my life with this project; not only giving myself the opportunity to see friends that I've cherished for so long but perhaps some new fellows along the way. I've pulled some images that are heavily influenced with a relaxed, almost lazy atmosphere about them. Little details often left unacknowledged but perhaps that need a little more recognition in our busy lives. 


I'm going into this project with more of a journalistic style as opposed to portraiture. I want you to feel like you were right here in the thick of it with me, not just on the other side of the screen checking your most current texts. I will be using neutral tones and settings to help the gestures become fluid and obvious throughout my series. I’m using this photo adventure to help me reclaim some holiday cheer and remind everyone to slow down and have an extra cup of cider with your uncle this season.



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