Brandon Griggs

Founder at Knack




Much thanks to David and Abigail for putting this class together. It was a great motivator to work on this.

1. Write a paragraph explaining the company and team
Small businesses struggle to manage their data with Excel and Access. How do they share it with clients? How can employees update it? How can they display it on the web?
Knack is a web platform that makes it easy to build online databases and web apps so this data is more mobile, more accessible, and more actionable.

The Knack team is Brandon Griggs and Eric Katherman. Brandon founded a successful web agency where together they built hundreds of web apps. It’s this deep expertise and experience that led them to build Knack.

2. Build a single slide on what differentiates you and why you all in (you + investors)
I'm a little foggy on what this slide should be doing.

3. Build a 5-10 slide deck

4. Bonus
Still working on this.


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