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Kleinanzeigen von Der Landanzeiger

Data: Der Landanzeiger (a local newspaper in kanton Aargau, Switzerland)



So far I chose the following categories to collect: 

  • What Category of advert (Furniture, Erotic, Cleaning, ect)
  • City/Village mentioned
  • Whether Technology was mentioned and if so, which Technological Terms
  • All adjectives
  • Metion of time (Store hours, Specific Dates or just Years, i.e. for Car Makes)
  • Whether or not there was a Photo or Graphic 
  • What gender the advert is directed toward (Female, Male, Neutral)
  • What Contact Information given (Email, Fax, Phone, Website)
  • Whether the advert was writting in Full Sentences or Points

So far have 122 rows of data. 


Heads up on the writewords.org - it doesn't understand ü, ö, ä and so on. It was splitting up my categories so I had to go back into the data and find/replace all with equivalent pheonetic spelling. 


Made a small heatmap of the 18 cities listed in the katon Aargau mentioned in the adverts. I had to go back and replace all of the pheonetic spelling in the spreadsheet back to ü, ö, ä and so on - as CartoDB didn't recognize the cities without them. Some still unrecognised, so had to go and use the Postal Code options. 



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