Klee Critter Details

Klee Critter Details - student project

Cover image now my fish detail.

My background color for these details will be yellowish tones to set off the green and rose. For this painting I am looking at three specific details. I will select two.

Klee Critter Details - image 1 - student project


This one I'm sure of. One of the others will join it.

Klee Critter Details - image 2 - student project


Klee Critter Details - image 3 - student project

I'm leaning toward the nose.

My second inspirational painting is "Fish Image." I have discovered I love to draw fish.

Klee Critter Details - image 4 - student project

The background for these will be blue.

I know I will use this fish.

Klee Critter Details - image 5 - student project

Am not sure which of the others will pair with him. 

My focus words are  VIVID,  CHEERFUL  and  ETERNAL.

Hope to get some sketches up soon. 

As always, it's harder for me to get on computer to post than to keep up with timetable.

Here are two sketch pages. The first is pencil the second is oil pastels.

Klee Critter Details - image 6 - student project

Klee Critter Details - image 7 - student project

For the fish I wanted a blue background. First I glopped white acrylic on the canvases, then i touched my brush into the blue and gradually worked it in leaving blobs of paint to make texture. It turned out to be a little harder to get the design on the rough surface but I  liked it so did the same for the pale yellow for the cat features.

Klee Critter Details - image 8 - student project

Klee Critter Details - image 9 - student project

Because the cat eye is mostly yellow, I kept the background white more predominant.

Here is the finished fish pair. I used a black Posca marker for the outline and acrylic paint to fill in, Then, for added texture I went over places with oil pastels.

Klee Critter Details - image 10 - student project

My cat and bird details didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. In the first place it was a shaky hand day. You can see this more in the cat's nose. For the eye I went to a variety of pencils rather than acrylic and brush, then added oil pastels on top. I used everything from my Prismacolor verithins to watercolor pencils washed lightly with a wet brush. Pencils are easier than brushes for my hands to control.

I call this "Pieces of Cat."

Klee Critter Details - image 11 - student project

For some reason the yellow background washed out in the photo. The color is deeper in person. 

Doing details from both Klee and Miro has been so much fun that I followed up on the deck of cards suggestion. My deck of double side blank Bicycle cards arrived and I plan to put details from some of the Modern Art paintings on the back side and design my own spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs on the other. It will be a "do between other things" project but when I finish it (maybe during the Christmas holidays) I'll post it. : )

Thanks, Nicole, for all your guidance and inspiration.