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Klamath County - Southern Oregon

Living in Southern Oregon, I'm quite the distance away from the city, so I knew my project would be different from the start. Rather than driving up to Portland, I wanted to capture the landscapes that I'm used to seeing.. Old abandoned towns, fields as far as the eye can see, sunsets over the lake and railroads.

I took a few different days to head in different directions. I try to edit my photos the same day I shoot them, so I can adjust them to how I'd visioned the landscape when shooting it. I always use custom presets that I've made myself. The same preset was applied to each of these photos, and then adjusted individually.

These are what I chose to use:

Railway Bridge - Bubba Sellars (2014)

Golden Times in Southern Oregon - Bubba Sellars (2014)

Sunset over Klamath Lake - Bubba Sellars (2014)

Lone Fisherman - Bubba Sellars (2014)


Feedback is appreciated. Let me know what you think.

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Shoutout to Trashhand for sharing some good info. Cheers!


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