Kiwi & Kit workspace

Kiwi & Kit workspace - student project

I had so much fun creating this workspace and fictional character. White cat is loosely based on mine as we joke that he has the right attitude to be sitting in a chair with Dr Evil, however the woman is a bit more 'out there' than I consider myself to be! (I have always felt incredibly 'normal' in the company of creative people!)...maybe it's an alter ego!

The brilliant thing about this course is having the lightbulb moment of realising that the process of transferring sketches to finished artwork has never quite clicked for me - they lose their energy and before now I would use black outlines to contain everything. When Tom mentioned about injecting more of original drawing style into end piece, I knew there could be gold in undertaking the project.

Alongside this project I was also studying some different digital techniques that involve colour blocking first and then adding linework...up until now I have done it in reverse and outlines were completely connected rather than suggestive. I think using this different order for working on drawings has helped keep it looser. So pleased this project gave me a chance to experiment!

At the end of this project you can check out one illustration I have previously done with solid closed outlines in black from a self-published print on demand kids book...just to show the contrast to my work after Tom's teaching!

I wonder what other artists reading this do? Do you normally ink outlines first and then colour or the opposite? Have you tried both and what differences have you noticed?

I absolutely love using line in my drawings and it is an inherent part of my style...very influenced by French ink/watercolour & travel sketching styles!

Thanks for such a great class Tom and thanks everyone for stopping by to look at my project...I think this could be the start of a transformation!


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