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Kitty Painting Diary. <3

1/28/16 - The first day involved jumping into the painting process. I was nervous, but stayed with it anyway. 

My Palette! : Still a little wet, but look! 

 I used Fluid Cold Press 140 Paper. 

  • Cobalt Blue
  • Quin Purple
  • Magenta
  • Red Orange mixed with Indian Yellow
  • Indian Yellow


1/29/16 - I painted eyes today, and found it was easier for me to practice if I painted them bigger! 

Arches Rough 140lb. 

Cerulean Blue

Prussian Blue


Magenta for the nose. 



1/30/16- Following Olga's advice with (not so light) pencil sketching. 

When I paint, I become so excited and filled with such joy that I jump straight into the water (colors!). 

This morning I had half an hour to paint. I brewed my coffee. I got my water jars. I took my pencil and began to sketch. 
I am not a "trained artist" so I just try to focus on my cat's photo and relax my eyes and breath. Here are my most recent photos. 

Today's Palette and Paper :

         Arches 140 lb - Rough, ( I LOVE THIS TEXTURE)

  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Indian Yellow
  • Sap Green. 


I added the other eye, and spread the colors with water. Pencil made me concentrate. 

This is the first layer. I have a heavy hand so this is light for me. This time I added a mouth. My cat, Gatito was smiling this morning. 

I went to the Art Store and brought more watercolors, and can't wait to paint with them! I got  Brilliant Red Violet and Translucent Orange by Schmincke, and am excited to test them out! 

Until tomorrow! 

1/31/16 - Painting in the lines. New Colors. And a kitty. 

So the next step was painting in the lines. I wanted to show you my desk this morning! I like painting during the mornings. It is so refreshing. 


I felt that pencil made me feel more controlled and discovered that to paint freely, I need to focus. I don't even like lines on my writing paper, but am glad I did the excersise because it helped me to see clearly. I added some shadow here, and lost alot of my lovely salt effect. I love the green eyes and the smile :) 


Now next time I will try without the pencil

Until next time!

2/4/16 - Painting without the pencil. 

*Just keep painting* 

The Palette of Colors on scrap paper! 

  • Perm Green Light
  • Red Violet
  • Cerulian Blue 
  • Lemon Yellow 
  • Transparent Orange. 


I tore this Saunders HP paper and am using it for the first time! So excited. 

First Layer: I started by painting the eyes and spread water for the body. 



Here is the first layer. Fluffy Technique (Salt effect) for fur! I am waiting for it to dry =) 

I want to keep painting, but must be patient. 

Watercolor is a great teacher of patience. 

Until Next Time!


KITTY!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!. 


I am so proud, and so happy that the kitty came out the page. Lots of patience. Lots of practice. But its possible. 

Me, who started painting in December. Me, who couldn't believe she could do this. 

My kitty is here!. 

<3 <3 <3 

Kitty Painting Diary #2 : A CUTE PERSIAN!!

2/18/16 - A new beginning! 

Sorry for the delay in posting! I was away from my computer for a bit, but now I am back!  

Following Olga's walkthrough this week was fun. Here is a picture I got from Pinterest! 


Cute,  isn't it? 

Here is my sketch. I did it on a scrap paper, with rough texture. The paper is Saunders Waterford 140 Rough. 


There were some smudges on the paper from my "daily teaspoon" of painting. I was not at home for a few days so I brought my palette, paper, and a brush with me. I've been painting almost everyday for 2 months, exploring and adventuring, and just allowing. 

Tomorrow I will practice eyes, and post them here! 

2/18/16 - Palette Swatches and some eye practice! 


I made 2 palette swatches! The main three colors are 

  • Quinacridrone Deep Gold 
  • Cobalt Turquoise Light 
  • Transparent Orange. 

For the last color, the darkest color, I couldn't decide if I wanted to do purple or dark blue. I made an Indigo color by mixing 2 colors (Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine). 

I think I like the Indigo, but theres just something magical about that purple there too! 



I also practiced painting eyes, which I drew with pencil, and then painted. 


I tried to do a glassy effect with turquoise and deep gold, but it didn't work out. Then I put the indigo while the paper was still wet and it spread.

I am now waiting for my second pair of eyes to dry!

Until next time! 

2/19/15- Paint a Persian Day 2! 

My first sketches came out too dark, so I erased and erased and erased and sketched again. Im so heavy handed! =/ 

Now comes the PAINTING. 

Eyes first! 


I wet the paper after painting the eyes. It shines in the sun! 


My first layer begins now. I love this orange and gold. SOO GOOD. 


Salt. SALT. Added to the paper while it was still wet.  For all the FLUFFYYYY!!!!



I can't wait to see how it dries!!!!!!!  

Until next time, friends! 


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