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Kitty Curran Resume

Update: Final?

I edited down my work history so that I could spread the information out, have good amounts of white space and utilise a single column layout. I added a Previous Clients section, as I feel that is one of my strengths, a dedicated skills section, and a Fun Stuff! section so that it included a bit of my personality.

Colorwise I used the pale orange I also used on my business card to give myself a cohesive brand identity, and utilised a dark grey on the bullet points on my experience section. This subltly made the the job title and company titles stand out a bit better and also served to lighten the overall look of the page.

I've already submitted to and been accepted to a design based recruitment agency with this resume. When I asked the recruiter for any advice for improvement, she said that it was great and that she liked the layout, the look and how my work experience was well laid out and made sense. So yay! 

I think that this is pretty much the final version for now. I'm still in two minds about the diamond bullet points (I feel it could do with something a little lighter?), but for now I'm pretty happy with it. Thanks to Anne for such a great course!



Update: Four different drafts of the first page of my resume

I finally settled on Gill Sans for the font, as I wanted to play up my British background, but subtly. (P22 Underground felt a little too on the nose. The typographical equivilent of "Awright bruv?", if you will.)

I've been playing around with the header, working in a logo that I developed for my website that matches my more playful work and trying to incorporate it into a professional looking document... still not sure what to go with or even if it is working

Angelo Alcasabas' 2 columned approach served as my inspiration for the layout - I definitely need 2 pages for everything. I'm still playing around with column widths and how to number the pages/ whether to add some line dividers, etc. but I like this layout as a solution for my long work history section. 

Any thoughts, comments and suggestions are very welcome!





After spending some time freelancing, I'm looking for a regular gig again! 

Some issues I've faced with my CV/Resume:

- I definitely want to make it more suitable for applying to design roles, both in appearance and content.

- Whilst I've regularly used design as part of my previous jobs, I've only relatively recently moved into doing it full time, and am self taught/learnt on the job. Despite having done well recently and having my work featured some cool places (Upworthy, CNN, Huffington Post), I feel nervous about how my overall experience and lack of design education looks to employers.

- Having moved to the USA from the UK, there is a big gap on my resume from when I was waiting for my green card to be processed when I couldn't legally work or leave the US. This was followed by some not great jobs that were a step backward professionally when I was just starting out in the US workforce. This gap has come up in job interviews before as an issue... so I'm looking for a way to explain that situation concisely yet effectively.

- Back in London I worked n TV, which means that I had several short term contracts. This is completely normal for that industry, but I am worried again how that comes across. It also means that my experience section is huuuge, but I don't want to cut it as I started out the design side of my career in those jobs.

So yes, a few things to think about as I redo this... but I'm excited to try it out!




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