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When you mention Kittery to most people, they think of the shopping outlets, the Kittery Trading Post, and the Porstmouth Navel Yard.

But Kittery has its own character, found in the old section of town near the Navy Yard. 

There is also Kittery Point (part of Kittery) which is across the water from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The boat scenes are from there. 

All photographs were taken with a Samsung phone. The "retro" look was achieved with Hipstamatic-like apps.

More photographs to come from different angles and perspectives as I scout around town.

Signs of Kittery

One way to change the perspective that I use to take photographs is to change what I focus on. Instead of taking pictures of buildings, I decided to focus on the signs on buildings. Signs tell a lot about a community. Are they English? Spanish? Portuguese? Chinese? Vietnamese? Croation? You can learn a lot about a community from the signs of its businesses.

To focus on the signs, I often had to shoot upwards.

Some signs had a message.

Some made you think what the sign represented.

At times, I could focus straight on.

Others were shot from the side.

Some were humorous.

The blackness makes this sign a bit mysterious.

When I take photographs of buildings, I look for the geometry in the architecture or for the photography to be formatted logically.

However, I was never an "A-student" in Geometry so I thought it would be interesting to hold the camera at different angles and/or to use a fisheye effect.


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