Quick Update part 2:

I replaced the cube with our Oni enemy from the Kitsu-Ga game(sans his textures) and added a Sky Box. I have(for the most part) fixed the teleport issue and have not had any game over events while going through the walls, or juttering while trying to teleport by changing the math from multiply -1 to multiply -0.92.

Its not much of a change but it does a lot to alter the trigger event with the walls.

Quick Update:

This Class is GREAT!!! I have a lot of polish to do but  here is the DoodleJump project!

Update 3/11/2013: Kitsu-BreakOUT!

I know I know, It has been total Kitsu-Gah! But I have been sticking to the class I swear! :P

Here is a quick peek at what I have been upto with the class!

Update #2 3/11/2913

And of course! a link! to the playable break out!


Update 3/5/2013: Playmaker and Kitsu-Gah!

We have added Playmaker into a large ammount of Kitsu-gah! The above showing off the FSM

for a treasure chest type item(final assets still pending

Using this FSM I can create not only GUI Prompts but also multi-step confirmations  before an action takes place.

Or with things like Treasure/Pick Us, it can be as simple as running through said object with an even shorter FSM.

Lets not forget what a game like this needs though! Enemies!

And of course we have to be careful! Should an Enemy wear us down/catch us:

I have been experimenting with the many options PlayMaker has to offer. I will be looking into Health Systems, and more natural flowing AI systems for Enemy Characters as time goes on and as always assets will be updated as we get them in.

Stay Tuned for a Sneak peak at our SkillShare Level!!!


I am going to post some youtube vids of our game. very early work

-Animations/enemy types not present
-Health system in progress
-Many assets still in early stages

Run around video


State changing video


A few screens!

you can keep an eye on us at www.rekindlegames.com

and on twitter  @Rekindle_Games

Feel free to drop us a line @  [email protected]   if you have any questions/comments or just want to say Hi!(we are a small team of which myself and one other are doing the primary coding for now!)

++++ Update 2/27/2013
-Integrated Playmaker

-Attached Playmaker to trap system, should have those working once we fix an animation issue

--Playmaker is being tied into various items, switches, destructables, and 'loot'

-Intend to add a combination of raycasting and play maker to create Sentry type enem classes

So far Playmaker has been fantastic, I've been digging out info on it from the web seeing what kind of new FSM's i can create.

After cleaning up these new FSMs and getting some assets together I'll be posting a new video

Up next on the adgenda will be setting out and designing a level  just for SkillShare



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