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Kitchen's Complement

In a Sentence

Kitchen's Complement is like a pocket reference, beloved recipe box, blogging, and camera software all rolled in to one for creatively cooking and then sharing your recipes with ease!

My Story

My acquisition of a smartphone a few years ago changed the way I use recipes.  I stopped printing recipes out completely since they were always at my fingertips via the phone.  I take a lot more pictures of what I make since the phone's camera is always with me.  These are very positive developments, but the trouble with no printed recipes is that I have no where to write down notes, and I always need notes on what I'm doing.

I rarely follow a given recipe exactly.  Most often I use one recipe for a particular dish as a guideline for completion, and then I take the bits I like from several other recipes for the same dish and add those to the main recipe.  There is also my tendency to cook by smell; meaning I smell what I'm cooking and then I smell the different ingredients I am considering adding and if the smells "add up" in a positive way  I add the ingredient.  So essentially I ALWAYS modify my recipes, and without Notes on all those little tweaks I make in the course of cooking,  I can never make the same recipe twice and that's a very big shame the time the recipes turn out wonderfully.

Like many other people, I would love to be able to share my cooking creations on a blog.  But I can't remember what I did and I don't have a lot of time to spend thinking about it in the aftermath.  "So," I thought, "What if everything I need for my post could be put together in one place and all I'd need to do is click 'Go'? And I have this pesky MS in Comuter Science laying around collecting dust?" 

I decided to write an app that would combine recipe downloading, note taking, picture taking, and socialization in to one.  Later features could include things like pantry tracking, and shopping list generation.  What I found when I started to talk to my friends about the idea is that they all really wanted that shopping list functionality and all the useful things one could do with an ingredients list. It seemed secondary to me, but other people really want it.  Go figure?

It was tough to get my friends to give reasons why my app idea wouldn't work, but through much prodding, here is what they said:

Reasons My App Idea Won't Work

1. People are usually happy using lots of free apps to perform the functionality of one pay for app.

2.You can build it, but you can't maintain it.

3.  Getting this off the ground will be more work than you realize.


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