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Kitchener Golden Bears

Kitchener Golden Bears

Like the FX show The League, I have been part of a pretty serious fantasy football league with some buddies for the past four years. Since the start of the league, I've always named my team the Hamilton Tiger Cats, after my favourite team in the CFL (Canadian Football League). But when I found this course, I thought it would be a neat opportunity to rebrand my fictional football team...

1. Inspiration

Here is my mood board which will shape the direction for the Kitchener Golden Bears. Note the numbers on the mood board, which will be referenced in the story (from left to right, top to bottom).

[1] This is a fantasy football team
[2, 3] Named after the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL
[4, 5] Kitchener is a big tech town in Canada and home of the Kitchener Rangers
[6] Berlin (original name of city of Kitchener) flag and coat of arms have a wicked heraldic bear
[7] (Golden) Bear is a nickname I share with the legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus
[8] The Golden Bear is also the name of a German Film award and is on CA state flag
[9] I love The Masters, Augusta National, and the symbolism of the green jacket
[10] College bear helmets
[11] Bear or Golden Bear team logos
[12] 2013 TaylorMade Masters logo with heraldic golden bear tribute to Nicklaus
[13] 1997 Superbowl champion Denver Broncos uniforms (my favourite NFL team)
[14, 15] Other NFL teams with green
[16] Minnesota North Star uniforms (I coached a minor hockey team for 2 seasons)

So there you have it. The inception of the Kitchener Golden Bears. Masters green, gold, and black, with a heraldic bear logo. There will be some elements of the Denver Broncos uniform, perhaps some elements of the Hamilton Tiger Cats uniform. Go Golden Bears!

2. Design

I've come up with 4 concepts for each piece of the uniform (helmets, jerseys, pants, socks).

The final design will likely be a mix of each concept. I would love to hear what your favourite pieces are!

3. Initial Final Design

4. Final Design


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