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Kitchen pattern

My pattern was inspired by cooking and objects in the kitchen. I started by drawing all the things I could find in my kitchen in my sketch book. I was quite rough with the sketches because I outlined everything later in illustrator using a textured brush to still give it that hand drawn feel but make this method means I don't loose the image quality if I wanted to blow it up later. 

I then did my colour in photoshop because I couldn't get the brushes I'd created to change colour so sort of a cheat really. Will work out what the problem was later. I then designed my tile which was a lot of fun. 

I did have some trouble making the mask and copying the pattern over to check the flow. Think I'm going to have to rewatch a few of the steps! 

Heres my final tile after some tweaking and making sure everything copies. 

And finally my final pattern! Hope you like it. It still needs some work but I think I'm happy with the stage its in at the moment. 


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