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Kitchen Painting Coaster

Hi! I'm making a new set of coasters today!

I just finished this series of illustrations for a story about a magical kitchen. I've been wanting to do some sort of project to promote these paintings and it just occurred to me that they would make the perfect coasters.

I'll be hanging these paintings in a gallery show next week, and it'll be great to have some coasters out to sell as well. Let's see how this goes!



Update  07/07/16  12:30pm

I printed out my images! This is a series of 5 paintings, but I figure coasters should be in sets of 4 so I decided not to use the illustration of the boy at the kitchen table. It doesn't quite fit as nicely as the other paintings do.

I also debated how I was going to crop my images. I could have had the image overlap over two squares, but I didn't think these paintings worked as well divided up. Instead, I just decided to crop them as squares, as usual.

At first, I was worried that the bright blue wouldn't print out well. So I printed out a small test piece first using my previous print settings and it actually came out great the first time. I then went ahead and printed out all of them.  

I already prepped my tiles, so I'm just gonna let these dry before I cut them out and adhere them to the tiles!



Update  07/07/16  2:30pm

I just transferred my prints onto the tiles! It went pretty smoothly. I got one scratch on the painting with the pan of risotto, right in the middle of the big blue field. But I'm gonna cover that up with a little acrylic. And the painting with the bowls of pasta came out a smidgen lighter than I would have liked. But it's not a big deal. I'll make a mental note to darken it the next time I print. 



Update  07/08/16  10:04am

Well, as I was just about to bring my tiles outside yesterday to spray, it started pouring. That's the only problem with having to spray these in a well ventilated area! Someday I'll need a garage to do this.  

Oh well. So I got up first thing this morning and sprayed them. They're looking good. I'll be putting them in the over soon!



Update  07/09/16  9:52am

My coasters have now been baked and polished!  I think I accidentally did one less layer of varnish than I normally do. But that's totally fine. I just went extra light on my sanding and buffing.

All in all, I think they came out great! I think the cooking theme of these paintings goes really well with the coasters! I wonder how these would look as trivets??? Hmm, I'll have to ponder that some. Next project!

I'll post more pictures when I have these in my gallery show next to the artwork! Thanks for following my process!



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