Kismet | Skillshare Projects

Traci Lee

Graphic Designer & Illustrator




I'm a visual artist, but I wanted to go simple. I had really loved what was already done in the video and I wanted my site to reflect that. I love gray,orange and blue so I incorporated that as well. I wanted the site to be straight forward and not complicated. 

1st Draft:

Kismet is a word for Destiny in a few different languages, but one of them are Arabic. My name is Destiny! So I thought putting 'Discover a new path' would correlate with the idea of destiny. So would 'Pave the way'. In my website I wanted to incorporate a blog as well, I wanted a place to share inspiration when it came to visual art and design. I actually plan on making custom icons for the illustration/photography/graphic design buttons instead of pictures of them itself. I will make sure to update when I incorporate that. I'd have to create them first. But here is pretty much the first draft of my project of what I have so far.


I can't wait to update this just a bit more and share how the process is going. I'm doing this class in conjuntion with many others so I'm learning a lot. I feel as though I can incorporate what I've learn there - here! 11/1/2015


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