Kirsten Branch: Writer and Editor

Kirsten Branch: Writer and Editor - student project

The goal of my project is to corner my little piece of the Internet to create a destination uniquely "me" and "mine" for my work as a freelance writer.

I'm working on a long overdue goal (a bad habit of writers that let ideas bounce around in their heads a bit too indulgently) to pull together all the work (freelance writing, ghostwriting, editing, blogging) I've done over the last several years, and to provide a place for my readers and clients to easily find me (and realize they simply must have more of me).  

As a writer, I hate "branding." (You can't even be a frumpy blogger anymore!)  As a businesswoman, I simply can not live without it. So, Hyde will handle the writing part, and Jekyll will go about the business of managing the  creative (completely non-evil) hijinks (s)he gets up to.

Because I'm a girl that likes to know the details, and let's face it, has a deeply ingrained control streak, I'm learning how to "properly" do something I've fiddled and fumbled my way through up to this point.

Here's where I'm starting:

Kirsten Branch: Writer and Editor - image 1 - student project

Writers hate such a space...

Let's see what I can come up with.... (that's the part we really, really like)