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Kingston Trio



I really enjoyed the videos and immediatly picked the "guilty pleasure" type of band.  My dad always played The Kingston Trio when I was a kid so it had to be them.  I always liked their sea chanty renditions so I wanted to bring that in somehow.  I played around with having the trio wear nautical hats or word balloons with nautical pictographs, but finally settled on having some nautical scrimshaw type thing. I wanted it to be off the cuff so I didn't research any actual scrimshaw and just sorta went with my gut thought of scrimshaw.  But I'm not really sure if it integrates as well as I hoped so as an alternative I did a version with just a big blue ink blob as the background.  I'm pretty happy with the yellow/orange color overlaying the shirts stripes and the instuments but, I think maybe I need a 4th color to relieve the stark whiteness of the trio's hands and heads, or maybe a tinted paper.  Thanks for the class, Jesse!




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