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Kingsland Project

 Hey guys,

Aimee here!

I am self taught graphic designer and therefore forever a beginner and learner.

For the past 3 years I have been a proposal writer and graphic designer for a company by day and by night I have been involved in the Kingsland Project. This is a youth initiative for 11-17 year olds in the Kingsland and inner city auckland area in New Zealand.

The project currently runs a series of skill building programs for youth on a friday night. These include a Bmx recycling "fix up" group where an expert is currently taking a group through this process.

I want to create a label that will not only be used to promote the program but also that the attendes of the Kingsland Project- KP feel represents their program.

Just when I started this course my mac book went to be in mac heaven which is devastating! however it has forced me to rely more on sketching again. Be creative and go "Old skool".

I have created a mood board that is inspired by the kingsland location, the programs, our young peoples culture and graphic designers such as Sean Tulsgetske, whose designs feature on my mood board.

I love to illustrate and play on words using images. I want to combine words and the frame of either a skate board or a bmx and have started my first concept sketches.

I want to do this course to better my skills and this will be a perfect place to get feedback and some structure and process.

Choice, let me know your thoughts :)










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